About ObjectiveMinds

One of the main reasons companies hire consultants is for their objectivity and experience. The best objectivity and insight comes from those who have actually worked with and built great products and technologies. A hallmark of the best consultants is in their ability to quickly relate to and understand the challenge at hand and artfully distill things down into simplified constructs from which better solutions can be crafted.

Who do we work with?

Big and small companies and teams who want to challenge the status quo, disrupt an industry or fill a hole in their organization– or simply need experienced objective outsiders to help move their businesses forward.

Why would you hire us?

  • We are heads-down focused on delivering value and results.
  • In the end, our reputation is all we have.
  • We go above and beyond to achieve successful outcomes for each and every client we serve.
  • We love driving revenue into companies!

Why we’re different:

  • We have engineering backgrounds.
  • We understand technology & products because we’ve actually imagined, created and built them.
  • We understand sales and business.
  • We understand tech companies & startups because we’ve had our own startups and we’ve raised money.
  • We understand executives because we’ve been there.