Move Your Training Program Online

The Need to Migrate Your Client Training Online

  • Companies are asking consulting & training firms for affordable, scalable training options
  • Employees are increasingly comfortable with learning online
  • New technology platforms allow for better quality training

As we enter a new era of online learning, consulting & training firms that don’t have an online presence for their intellectual property will be left behind.

The Challenges of Moving Training Online

  • You have high-quality in-person training that you feel may be difficult to replicate online
  • You don’t have experience designing or delivering online training
  • It is difficult to keep up with and evaluate the changing learning technology landscape

You want to ensure that any online training you develop maintains your brand equity and provides quality experiences for your participants

Objective Minds Can Help

Objective Minds is an independent consulting firm with experience helping high-end and boutique consulting and training firms create online digital training programs. We have the digital and learning design experience to help you bring the best of your training content online.


We have done this for numerous organizations, and have a proven 6-Stage Model:

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Contact us if you would like to talk. If you are considering moving your training online and wondering whether it can be done effectively, we offer a free 60-minute design consultation to brainstorm how your online training might be designed.

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