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Marketing Services for B2B Software Companies
Marketing Services for B2B Software Companies

the art and science of the startup

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Marketing Services for B2B Software Companies

Demand Generation

Let’s align Sales and Marketing and build a high-growth revenue pipeline.

Demand generation is more than launching marketing campaigns and sending emails. It’s a holistic strategy including inbound marketing, account-based marketing, lead nurturing, funnel advancement, and pipeline building.

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Account-Based Marketing

Let’s target, nurture, and land your top target accounts.

The ROI of ABM can be massive when done correctly. A successful ABM strategy involves identifying your top target accounts, focusing on key personas, creating personalized messaging and nurturing, and reporting on account movement.

Hubspot Marketing

Turnkey, managed HubSpot marketing service for SaaS companies.

HubSpot is a powerful platform at the heart of your marketing efforts. We build persona-based marketing, personalized workflows, sales-marketing alignment, account-based marketing insights, monthly reporting, and much more.

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SaaS Positioning and Messaging

Successful SaaS companies understand product-market fit, and put a stake in the ground when disrupting their space.

When you’re a market disruptor and offer a better way of doing things, you need to brand yourself and own the space. But not all messages resonate with each audience segment. We help SaaS companies dial in their positioning and messaging.

Who We Help

We work with venture-funded startups who understand product/market fit and are looking to increase ARR. We’ll launch targeted campaigns and run multi-channel marketing to drive qualified leads and build the revenue pipeline.

We help SMBs move faster than their competitors. We’ll drive more qualified leads to Sales, create targeted marketing campaigns with speed, launch account-based marketing, and more.

Complex processes and large teams can slow down your marketing. Whether you work at an Enterprise SaaS company or in an agile team that was acquired, we’ll help you move fast against the odds to meet your goals.



We’re here to help you move faster and drive results. You need a no-nonsense partner with proven SaaS experience and expertise to help you create winning marketing campaigns, drive qualified leads, and grow the sales pipeline.


We can run your marketing in the early-stage or focus on targeted campaigns that drive sales meetings. Measurable marketing for your startup is a must.


You need marketing to be your partner in generating revenue. It’s about SALs and Opportunities, not low-quality leads. You need quality content your sales team can leverage, and Account-Based Marketing that targets your dream accounts.


ObjectiveMinds is located in Silicon Valley and has worked with venture-funded startups, SMBs, and Enterprise companies to drive qualified leads, align marketing and sales, and build the revenue pipeline.

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